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Disney at a Distance: Disney Pandora Collections

If you're a collector of any and all things Disney, then this has to be on the list. Blog number two on how to Disney at a Distance is all about how Disney and Pandora have been teaming up for about six years to create some of the best Disney jewelry out there.

Take. My. Money. (And believe me, they have!)

When it comes to jewelry I’m a typical girl and just love it. It all started when I received my first charm bracelet in the third grade as a gift from my aunt. Not a Pandora but the original style where charms literally linked onto the bracelet by a jeweler.

Since that very first bracelet, I’ve loved to collect charms, specifically from my travels. It’s safe to say that’s where my love of collections stems from. For me, charm collecting is the perfect way to keep memories close, literally wearing them anywhere I go.

That being said, collecting Disney Pandora charms are just another way to Disney at a Distance.

It wasn’t until high school when I discovered Pandora charm bracelets. Over the years my own personal Pandora collection has grown and I have more bracelets than I care to admit.

For those who aren’t familiar with the brand, Pandora is the modern-day charm bracelet that offers a variety of charms, purchased individually and can be added to a bracelet or necklace.

What makes it different from any other bracelet or collection? I’m glad you asked.

As any enthusiast does, I subscribe to emails and stay up to date with the latest Disney Pandora pieces. My favorite part about it is customizing.

I have several Disney Pandora bracelets and they are absolutely not themed in any way. I guess you could say the theme is simply Disney. Because there are so many available and because I love all things Disney I have a hard time devoting one entire bracelet to a specific movie or franchise, or concept such as “Disney Princess.” Therefore I try to get one or two characters from some of my favorite movies.

Oddly enough, all of my non-Disney Pandora bracelets are themed. Oh, the irony.

Individual Pandora stores are pretty well organized so it’s easy to navigate your way to the Disney section and there they are under the glass casing. Each piece sparkling under the studio lights and perfectly displayed on their little white pillows. Price tags are strategically tucked underneath each pillow out of sight until after first falling in love with the piece. By that time you’re already suckered into purchasing it. Early birthday gift to yourself, right? That’s the excuse I use.

Even though I have my local store, I’ve been fortunate enough to have shopped at different locations during some of my travels, and can honestly say that I’ve had a great experience in each location.

I’ve been lucky enough to have collected charms from Rome, Dublin, and Las Vegas. Each time, I had a personal experience with an employee who helped me pick out the perfect charm for my travel bracelet, one of my non-Disney bracelets.

Aside from those amazing locations, I’ve been to my local store so many times (often just to browse) that I’ve learned a bit about the store manager. She happens to be a huge Disney fan and has often given me a sneak peek at upcoming collections waiting to be released.

It was because of her that I learned each Disney theme park has its own set of exclusive charms. Not being a regular park-goer, I had no idea!

During my last visit to Disneyland in June 2019, I made a point to visit the Pandora store inside the park. As I recall, it was in New Orleans Square in Adventureland. The first thing I asked the friendly castmember was to see the exclusive Disneyland charms. Sure enough, she pulled out a little display featuring the statue of Walt and Mickey holding hands and also the Disneyland Castle. After hemming and hawing for a few minutes trying to decide which one to get, I asked the friendly cast member to ring up both.

I thought to myself, “Why not, they are exclusive and who knows when I’ll be back?” Little did I know at the time what 2020 had in store. In hindsight, I’m so glad I bought both. Who knows when my next visit will be.

Since then, each time I’ve worn my Disney bracelet, I think of that trip and all the happy memories that came with it. It’s more than just a bracelet and just a sculpted hunk of metal. Each charm is a memory and a moment.

My first ever Disney Pandora charm was Mrs. Potts and Chip. Belle is hands down my favorite princess and “Beauty and the Beast” being one of my all-time favorite Disney movies. Even though I didn’t purchase the Mrs. Potts charms for any special occasion, just looking at the charm reminds me of the happy moments when I’d watch the movie as a child with my mom. Or the first time I met Belle at Disney World many years ago.

Over the last few years, Pandora has been releasing charm collections along with movie releases. They surprised us all this year by releasing a Star Wars collection, not related to a movie release.

While I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan out there, I must say this is the best collection Disney and Pandora have collaborated on to date. The movie franchise features 12 pieces, including 10 charms, a bracelet, and a limited-edition collector's charm. Pandora’s creative team worked with Lucasfilm to ensure that each piece was detailed to perfection. And they nailed it.

Personally, my favorite of the Star Wars pieces is BB-8. The attention to detail around BB-8’s head and body is stunning. You can literally see every mark and etching. In addition, the colored enamel really brings life to the piece.

Of all the collections that I have, my Disney collection is my favorite bracelet to wear and can pretty much always be found wrapped around my wrist. I love looking through all the designs and customizing the perfect bracelet for me.

With so many characters to choose from, half the fun is sorting through and deciding what to add to my collection. Disney Pandora charms are truly are a fun way to express fandom and provide the opportunity to customize jewelry YOUR way.

It’s my way of keeping Disney close even when so far away from the parks.

What are some of your favorite Disney collections? I’d love to hear from YOU and how you Disney At A Distance! Until then TTFN, ta ta for now!

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